I’m a hypocrite, but when it boils down to it.. aren’t we all?

There are some things that you just can’t accept, and we all have those things.

It’s human nature.

I don’t get why other human beings want to remind you of how much you did wrong.

I’m not going to be a punching bag because you’re angry at me.

There’s a difference between letting me know how you feel, and just trying to hurt me.

The worst part is that you’re exactly the same.

You’re self-righteous and stubborn…

but I’d never try to tell you that, because guess what?

I’d be “wrong”.

There’s no way  you’d ever see it my way, so lets drop it.

There’s no fucking use in listening to your complaints about my character,

they’re just angry words that you have pointed, hoping that they’ll stick into me.

Like that does any good.

I’m looking to end the cycle, and you just want to keep it moving.


Author: rockymcg

sup a/s/l?

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