The philosophical why

Why was a little girl

she looked at the blue sky

and asked, “why?”

Why was a teenager

she loved and decided to cry

looking at her tears

she asked, “why?”

Why was in college

with a life full of friends

and that one special guy

he left her one day

like always, she asked, “why?”

Why was a mother

watching her daughter pretend to fly

she wondered,”why?”

Why was an old woman

waiting patiently to die

she laid in a bed

and asked, “why?

why? why why why?”

it had driven her insane

as the life let out of her easily

like a sigh

she realized one thing

why did she waste her life

always asking,”why?”


Author: rockymcg

sup a/s/l?

One thought on “The philosophical why”

  1. “The most philosophical moment of my life was when I forgot how to spell the word “why” in 6th grade”
    -Ali Khan


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