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Most of the things I write are for you.
Most of the things I do are because of you.
The time that my bike “got a flat” right by your house wasn’t a coincidence.
The reason you’re always first on my drunk dial list isn’t because you’re alphabetically first in my phone book.
The reason I don’t want to take your best friend out isn’t actually because I think she is ugly, I really don’t think that.
It’s because it means I’d ruin my chances with you.
I mean, not like those chances exist, but it would definitely obliterate any nano-chance I had.
My entire world revolves around you, and that’s a scary thought.
I would feel like a stalker, but I don’t think I’ve left enough love notes in your mailbox.
36 isn’t that many, really.
I really wish I could break this fixation, but I am magnetized to you.
I haven’t really done any of these things, which makes me a liar…
but I like to imagine what it would be like if you’d never walked into my life.
I’d be a stalker, and life would be a comedy.
Everything wouldn’t be so excessively…


Author: rockymcg

sup a/s/l?

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