A safety blanket

Originally posted on Thursday, July 30, 2009 on facebook.com

I’ll sit here and look you in the face
and help you sort until everything is in its right place
and never ask you to love me tomorrow
as my heart slowly fills itself with sorrow
you tear me apart, you don’t even know
because when it comes to you, i put on a show
it’s easy to sit back and just not solve it
especially with me because I’m a safety blanket
a safety blanket
a safety blanket



Originally posted on Friday, July 24, 2009 on facebook.com

Most of the things I write are for you.
Most of the things I do are because of you.
The time that my bike “got a flat” right by your house wasn’t a coincidence.
The reason you’re always first on my drunk dial list isn’t because you’re alphabetically first in my phone book.
The reason I don’t want to take your best friend out isn’t actually because I think she is ugly, I really don’t think that.
It’s because it means I’d ruin my chances with you.
I mean, not like those chances exist, but it would definitely obliterate any nano-chance I had.
My entire world revolves around you, and that’s a scary thought.
I would feel like a stalker, but I don’t think I’ve left enough love notes in your mailbox.
36 isn’t that many, really.
I really wish I could break this fixation, but I am magnetized to you.
I haven’t really done any of these things, which makes me a liar…
but I like to imagine what it would be like if you’d never walked into my life.
I’d be a stalker, and life would be a comedy.
Everything wouldn’t be so excessively…

The pit of a stomach

Originally posted on Sunday, July 12, 2009 on facebook.com

Two men sit in the pit of a stomach, staring blankly; not quite sure how they both arrived in the predicament. One of the men turns to the other, trying to avoid the cliché what. “Why is it so empty in here?” He says. The other man stares for a moment at his surroundings, and then replies,”it’s not, it just seems that way.” The ground quakes around the men, and acid sprays leaving a thin layer on the walls. “Don’t be silly,” comments the man,”it’s completely and utterly empty in here, there’s nothing at all.” The other man simply smiles,”no, there’s something here. There’s just nothing to make it feel like it’s present.”