Escape from the mundane

Originally posted on Tuesday, August 19, 2008 on

It starts like any other regular day.
The sun comes up, the birds chirp.
He gets into his car, he drives away.
He’s perfectly ready not to enjoy his day.
He’s perfectly okay with everything being routine.
He turns on his autopilot, just like every other day.
Going through the motions, not really aware he has a pulse.
Sitting at his office desk, staring into the computer screen.
His eyes take the light in, his brain flips it, and constitutes it into something tangible.
Just like every other day.
Then autopilot clicks off.
He panics, he can’t tell what’s wrong, but he doesn’t feel right.
He can’t go through those motions anymore, he can’t stare into space anymore.
So he gets up.
This is his first mistake.
His second mistake?
He throws his monitor.
His third mistake?
He shouts expletives with no fear of the consequences.
It clicked off.
His satisfaction with the mundane clicked off.
So he left his office, headed for his car.
But he wasn’t happy with that either, so he set it on fire.
He watched it burn, and then decided to leave.
He had no real direction in mind.
He had a name, it was Clark.
He remembered that now.
So, Clark walked away from his life, but he didn’t care anymore.
His autopilot was gone.
It was inexplicably gone.
A smile approached his face, he allowed it.
He was happy, something that he hadn’t felt for a considerable amount of time.
He looked at the sky, something he hadn’t done for a while.
It was different.
It was blue.
But, not the blue that you or I could explain.
It was a new blue.
Actually, every color, every shape, everything he could perceive, had a new novelty.
It was like he had never experienced anything before.
Clark looked wide eyed at this new life.
Then he made it disappear.
He wanted it gone.
He was done with it.
He looked at every object, and made it new.
He gave it a new name, a new shape, a new color.
This all happened because he said it would.
And he truly believed that.
He left the shared dimension, and entered his own.
No one ever heard from Clark again.
In fact nobody even remembered Clark.
Just because he said they wouldn’t.


Author: rockymcg

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