Notice me

Originally posted on Friday, July 11, 2008 on

A middle aged man sits at a cafe, sipping a coffee, reading a newspaper.
A woman sits near him.
Hiding herself.
The man is lost in thought, thinking of the life he could have had, and how he is now stuck working a desk job.
Something he swore he would never do.
The woman is staring at that newspaper, longing to meet the eyes behind it.
The man never breaks his stare.
He is enthralled with his newspaper, stimulated by his coffee.
But too oblivious to ever acknowledge the outside world.
This happens daily.
The man goes through the same routine, every day.
Coffee, Paper, Work, Coffee, Sleep.
The man longs to find happiness, but never realizes that it could be right in front of him.
He’s too lost in current events.
Too selfish to be social.
The woman stares.
Longing to break the barrier of that newspaper.
A twelve inch thick, lead wall.


Author: rockymcg

sup a/s/l?

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