Toothpaste Stains

Originally posted on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 on

If you were to look closely at my floor, bed, shoes, clothing, anything really; you would see the remnants of toothpaste.
Anywhere I’ve ever walked when brushing my teeth, I have spilled toothpaste.
It’s white stain gives my clothing, and my house character.
It’s my one little mark that I leave.
Like a dog peeing where it is.
In a sense, I’m a slob when I am hygienic.
I obsess over brushing my teeth too much.
I guess sometimes you obsess over the things you can control in your life.
When I die alone, the one piece of me that will remain will be my toothpaste stains.
Forever bleachy white.


Author: rockymcg

sup a/s/l?

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