Yes, Yes Indeed.

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Yes, Yes Indeed.

Yes, Yes Indeed.Yes, he cried at the site of the grave stone, even though he had never once said a word to his real mother, and yes, he did sink into a deep depression. So, why are you questioning it, you already know how people go. I’ll tell you why you are questioning it. You are questioning it because that is your nature as a human to question it, so go ahead and accept the fact that you are like everyone else.


The thing that made this person different from every other man crying at the sight of his dead mothers grave stone was what he did afterwards. As I mentioned before, he did indeed, yes indeed, fall into a deep depression. But he did not mourn, no he only built. He built, and built, and built. And what did he build? Not even he could answer that question. Confusing yes?

Yes, Yes Indeed.

People visited from all over the world to see what exactly it was that James Horus was building. Millions of experts theorized on this spectacle. “Maybe it is a ladder to heaven. Maybe all the adopted boy wants to do after finally finding his deceased mother, is get close to heaven, in hopes to hear her voice.” Said one. “Maybe it’s his own tomb, maybe when he finishes, he will just kill himself, knowing he has no true purpose.” Said another. Although they were both wrong, their hypotheses weren’t too shabby.

James wasn’t building his own death chamber, nor a ladder to heaven. James was building an idea, as do most architects, and creators of that sort. But this idea was better than anything an architect could dream up. I can’t tell you what he was building, not now at least. But I will later, I promise.

Yes, Yes Indeed.

Back to this structure. At the time being, it stood about 40 feet tall in a vacant lot in West Oakland. The lot was not too small, but not too large. It was surrounded by two weathered pieces of wooden fence, adjacent to a building with, “Gothic Dolphins, Not Bombs” spray painted on the side. Its base was wooden, but after James ran out of money, it was decorated with whatever he could find. Mostly things of a metal fashion: soda cans, paperclips, things of that sort. The structure in itself was oddly phallic, and lopsided, but nobody said James graduated college with a degree in architecture, or graduated college at all for that matter.

Day in and day out James would slave over his creation, the whole time with an idea burning in his mind. He had lost so much sleep, that the REM sleep state was starting to blend with conscious thought. His personality began to mesh with that of a paranoid schizophrenic’s. You know, talking to yourself, things of that nature. He would cry and not know why, he would get angry and not know why, he would pee, and he would not know why. Interested yet?

Yes, Yes Indeed.

One day, James was going about his usual fashion of building and babbling, when he suddenly fainted from exhaustion. I guess that happens sometimes when you only sleep by the week. When he awoke, he was surrounded by the usual crowd of people. Did I mention he was constantly surrounded by a crowd of people? Oh, I guess I should have. You see, James was just about the most famous crazy guy… before he died. Oh damn, did I say that? Well, no use hiding the truth, he did die anyway. Sorry, no more tangents. Anyway, James wakes up with the usual crowd of people around him and suddenly he has come to his senses. He doesn’t want to build anymore, he’s happy again, he knows his name is James again. “Sorry everybody,” he said,”we’re done here, I’m not going to finish this god forsaken structure, I’m done.”

Well you see, that is all fine and dandy, but this story has to continue. I mean, I’ve got your attention now…It has to end somehow… Well, apparently the crown shared the same thoughts as mine. They were outraged. “James, how could you do this to us?” Said a man with an obtrusively large nose. “Do what? Come to my senses? How could I not.” This was obviously not the right thing to say….and James knew it, because he immediately took off over one of the fences before anyone even gave him chase. Is it the beginning of the end?

Yes, Yes Indeed.

So, James ran from the lot and on through the derelict Oakland streets, but he couldn’t get far. He was severely dehyrdrated you see. So, James made a bad choice and stole a large bottle of water from a liquor store. I’m talking large here, like I don’t know…. roughly the same size as a bottle of wine. James stopped for a second, and downed the entire bottle of water, and began to run again. He ran and ran and ran, until…He was seeing double. He was drunk… But how? He had to keep running, they would find him eventually. It was futile, he tripped in his drunken stupor. And so he sat, waiting for death. It began to rain, but James didn’t want that. He thought angrily about the rain…and it stopped. I guess today was James’s day.

Finally, the crowd appeared around the corner from the liquor store. There sat James, drunk off of water and very confused. The crowd was not moving angrily, surprisingly enough, they were moving quite languidly in fact. Perhaps angry mobs are more laid back than we all thought. One man stepped out from the crowd, a blind man, and offered James his hand. The mans hand was old and withered, but when James touched it, the wrinkles stretched out and disappeared, like it was elastic. They didn’t come back either. The crowd looked at the man’s hand, astonished. And then something unexpected happened. Suddenly, a stone was cast from the back of the crowd, James collapsed to the ground with the impact. Then another man threw one, and another and another. The crowd violently killed James that day. A woman cried for him, but even she knew it was right.

Yes, Yes Indeed.

And so, this crowd returned to James’s structure all a little distraught about their actions, but not a single bit remorseful. When they returned to the structure, to their surprise it was finished. It’s phallic shape now made sense, it was a rocket ship. Spray painted across it were the words,”Since I can’t reach heaven, I’ll ascend there.”

To this day, theorists could not believe that the Rocket was in fact a tomb, and a ladder to heaven. Nothing special in fact, nothing at all. Just a dumb, tall tomb, with a stupid depressing message on it. Maybe if James had lived it would have turned out different, but whoever finished it wanted it to be a giant flying tomb. Maybe the idea wasn’t the structure all along, but James himself.

Yes, Yes Indeed.


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